Tax Law

Tax Attorneys in Greensburg

Personal and Business Tax Troubles?

Tax law can be a source of unexpected distress. Have you been told you owe the IRS or the Pennsylvania Department of Revenue for back taxes?  There’s no need to panic.

Our full-service law firm helps with all aspects of tax law. Our experienced attorneys can assist with settling tax debt for less, removing liens from your property, and creating a payment plan. More importantly, we can make sure your business or personal affairs get back on the right track, avoiding future tax issues.

Tax law is exceedingly complex, and there are minutiae to the law that many people don’t know and may run afoul of. Without an experience attorney at your side, you may end up paying thousands of dollars, or even tens of thousands of dollars more than you need to.

What We Help With

Our experienced tax attorneys help you with:

  • Federal and State claims of unpaid taxes.
  • Removal of tax liens on property and pay garnishments.
  • Tax audits
  • Taxes during bankruptcy

Not only can we help with federal tax issues and business tax issues, but we can also help you to understand and navigate state tax laws and personal tax problems.

If you’re concerned about using an out of state tax resolution service that’s asking for thousands of dollars to settle you tax debt, you should be. When you work with out attorneys, you have the confidence of working with reputable local tax lawyers. At Moore Becker Smarto & Ciszek, we’re a part of your community and we’ve helped your neighbors for years.

For legal assistance with any tax issues you have, you want the expertise of a local, experienced law firm. Call Moore Becker Smarto & Acosta today at 724-838-8422.