Guardianship in Pennsylvania

In Pennsylvania, guardianship can be granted when it is determined that an individual is no longer able to communicate decisions or receive information successfully. In this case, the court may order that this person is incapacitated and not able to take care of themselves—essentially, that they can’t make financial decisions or manage their finances, that they can’t take care of their physical health, and that they may be unsafe, both to themselves and to others.

Guardianships are usually appointed to adults over the age of 18 who either have special needs or people who are elderly and suffering from a form of dementia that leaves them incapacitated in some critical manner.

Guardianships are not automatic—they must be applied for, and the court must grant them. However, Pennsylvania generally shies away from guardianships, preferring to use other methods, like Power of Attorney, whenever possible.

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If you have a loved who is incapacitated and not able to make important decisions for themselves, guardianship may be appropriate.

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