Civil Litigation

Civil Litigation

Contract Disputes, Businesses, Employees, Purchases, and more

Civil litigation comes in many forms. A civil case may arise when a homeowner hires a contractor to remodel their kitchen and the work is badly completed and must be redone.  A civil case could involve a disagreement between employer and employee, or between business partners. It could be a small claims matter or a landlord/tenant dispute.

In certain civil cases, the parties involved have the right to a jury trial, although a trial must be requested and involves some additional expense.

At Moore Becker Smarto & Acosta, P.C, our team of experienced attorneys is ready to help with your civil lawsuit. We can provide guidance and legal assistance for civil matters as needed. The three basic stages of a civil trial are:

  • Pleadings. A civil case starts when the plaintiff’s lawyer files a complaint. The defendant then has the opportunity to respond and to make counter-claims. Pleadings are about informing the other side what you intend to prove during a trial.
  • Discovery. At this stage, both sides gather the evidence that will be used to prove their claims during the trial. This includes evidence, documents, and witnesses. If sufficient facts are uncovered at this stage, a summary judgment (ending the proceedings) may be requested by one side or the other.
  • Trial. This is when both attorneys present their cases, examine and cross-examine witnesses, and the like. This could be before a judge or a judge and jury. Many cases are settled before going to trial, or end with a verdict that the losing side wishes to appeal.

When it comes to any matters related to matters of civil litigation, you need the professional help of the experienced legal team at Moore Becker Smarto & Acosta, P.C.  Call Moore Becker Smarto & Acosta, P.C. today at 724-838-8422.