More Than a Typical Law Firm, Our Specialty
is Serving Your Legal Needs

Why Choose Moore Becker Smarto & Acosta, P.C?

While many law firms may focus on a particular area of law, at Moore Becker Smarto & Acosta, our specialty is you. Our team strives to build lasting relationships with families and businesses. We understand how your next legal challenge relates to your history, affects your family’s goals or your business brand, and how matters reflect on your reputation. We will work with you to solve your legal problems.

: That’s why we’ve built a comprehensive practice, with experience in numerous areas of law. Whether you need help administering your estate, establishing a guardianship, creating a succession plan for your business, or dealing with a personal injury suit, our attorneys are at your side. Call us today at 724-838-8422.

A Full-Service Law Firm

At Moore Becker Smarto & Acosta, we have the ability to address your most complex legal concerns with the professionalism and attention to detail that our clients deserve.

Providing legal services in Western and Central Pennsylvania for over 25 years, our firm is well known for our work in Estate Planning, Tax Consultation, Criminal Defense, and Civil Litigation. We’ve built a team with experience in a wide variety of legal areas and are able to tailor a legal plan to best serve client needs. With one stop, we meet most of your legal needs through a lifetime of service to your family or business.